People-oriented, let employeesgrow together with the company.

   Talent is the foundation ofenterprise continuous innovation and development, high quality talent team isthe most precious resource in Goodpal Intelligent development history, enterprisethat could manage talents is the final big winner.

We provide you:                        

         First-class workingenvironment;
         Challenging job opportunities;
         Equality trust corporate culture;
         Sound and scientific cultivation mechanism;
         Competitive compensation system;
         Perfect welfare system.

We wish you are equipped with:                        

         Good professional skills.
         Pursuit of dedication to work;
         Integrity character;
         Dedicated and cooperative work attitude;
         Dare to challenge, innovative spirit...

We promise you:

         Science and technology is the first productiveforce, talent is the first resource;

         Sincerely respect for talent, wholeheartedly servicefor talent, cultivate and apply talent with undivided attention;

         Apply existing talent, hold the key talent, attractmuch-needed talent, reserve future talent;

      Let your personal value be fully reflected, finally realize the synchronousdevelopment with the company, achieve win- win situation of company andindividuals.